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About Villa

Villa is a homebuilding platform that focuses on building prefab homes in “missing middle” infill locations. Villa uses an asset-light approach by partnering with factories to build homes based on Villa’s designs. With a focus on modern design, quality construction, and affordability, Villa is creating a scalable solution that can meet the need for more attainable housing production across America.

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Villa is unique because they leverage the manufacturer-supplier network established around the manufactured home industry to deliver a more sustainable, cost-efficient, and reduced cycle-time product. This allows the company to scale, meeting a balance of standardization and variability for customer needs in ADU and low-rise housing. Villa holds great promise to move beyond California into other regions and I look forward with anticipation to their story unfolding.

Ryan E. Smith - Founding Partner of MOD X, Professor and Director of the University of Arizona College of Architecture, Ivory Prize Advisory Board Member

Facts & Figures

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Villa uses prefabricated construction, including both HUD-code manufactured housing and modular construction

What kind of homes does Villa develop?

Over 20!

How many unique floor plans does Villa offer in its homes? 

No - Villa homes are supplied by a network of modular and manufactured factories

Does Villa have a factory?

Construction & Design Winner

Scaling a Platform for Prefab Homes


Previous Ivory Prize Winners

Construction & Design Category

Special  thanks to the Housing Innovation Alliance and other partners for helping us celebrate Villa's Ivory Prize award

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