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Crafting the Next Generation of ADU Incentives

About the ADU Bonus Program

The City of San Diego has implemented an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) Bonus Program that offers increased density for Affordable ADUs. This incentive has led to the construction of naturally affordable deed-restricted ADUs throughout the city.

Watch the City of San Diego: ADU Bonus Program's Winner Announcement

San Diego’s bonus ADU program is a great example of what cities can accomplish when they truly want to build more housing. Be creative about opening up locations, make the process transparent and easy to navigate, and provide meaningful incentives in exchange for affordable homes.

Jenny Schuetz - Author of Fixer Upper, Senior Fellow at Brookings, Ivory Prize Advisory Board Member

Facts & Figures

Click the sections below to reveal some impactful stats from the City of San Diego's ADU Bonus Program (source)

As of 2022, 295 deed-restricted ADUs had been permitted. In contrast, only 7 deed-restricted ADUs were permitted in San Diego from 2018-2021.

Since its 2021 introduction, how many new deed-restricted ADUs have been permitted in San Diego?

In addition to the 147 “base” ADUs allowed by state law, 253 bonus ADUs had been permitted as of 2022.

In addition to deed-restricted ADUs, how many bonus market-rate ADUs has the City of San Diego permitted?

In 2021, San Diego became the first major city in the country to offer an ADU density incentive for small-scale housing projects that include deed-restricted housing

When was the ADU Bonus Program launched?

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Special  thanks to Jenny Schuetz from the Brookings Institution and other partners for helping us celebrate The City of San Diego: ADU Bonus Program's Ivory Prize award
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